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We strive to assist individuals and families to meet the opportunities and challenges of a changing world.

Family Counseling Service's Representative Payee Department has been working to provide quality payee services to individuals in need since 2003 by helping manage their finances through various circumstances. If you find yourself struggling with your finances, whether it is because you live on a fixed income or for any other reason, this is the agency for you. We work to always treat our clients with the respect and consideration they deserve by providing a safe and supportive financially focused environment.

We offer bill pay services to those with cognitive or physical impairments that impact the ability to physically go out and pay bills or to accurately build and maintain a budget. Family Counseling Service's Representative Payee Department offers peace of mind in knowing bills are paid on time, in full, every month.


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Representative Payee Services

Family Counseling Service’s Representative Payee Department is certified and recognized as a Representative Payee Service by both the Veteran’s Administration and the Social Security Administration. If you or someone you know has been ordered to have a payee, we can help.

Family Counseling Service accepts clients that are on a fixed income including Social Security Income (SSA, SSI, and SSDI), Veteran's Pension Income (VA), Public Employee Retirement System (PERS), retirement pension, or direct deposit from an employee.

At Family Counseling Service, we recognize the financial strain individuals face, and we work to keep our fees as low as possible. We maintain full transparency so that you can see what fees and transactions have occurred. We ensure accurate and confidential documentation for each transaction and each client.

Fees for payee services begin at $54 per month, however, we may charge up to 10% of an individual’s total income.

The process for approval often takes 6 weeks at minimum.

See if you could benefit from our bill pay service:

*Are you on a fixed income?
*Do you have a physical or cognitive impairment preventing you from creating and implementing a monthly budget, or lack the physical ability to leave your home to pay bills as needed?
* Do you have difficulty tracking bill due dates?

*Are you using cash advances to meet obligations?

*Are you skipping bills or paying bills late?

*Have you depleted or not have a savings account?

*Has difficulty managing your finances negatively impacted your home life and family relationships?

*Do you have an addiction that makes it difficult to pay your bills or maintain housing?

*Do next month's bills arrive before you've had a chance to pay this month's bills?